My Father

When I was born my father was not there. All my growing up he was not there. All I know is that he is African. Hence my halfafrican heritage. I have only just started an intrest now. Whenever I think about him I cannot sleep. My form tutor said something about does he know he has a child. This thought shocked me. I have a whole side of family that I do not know about. Grandparents, maybe even siblings. These thoughts are painful ones.


Well, its happened for a while now. Two years. Gay faggot and nigga. I hate it. I feel drained by carrying this on my back. I have told an adult, I decided not to tell my mother as to not worry her. The adult, my form tutor has arranged for a meeting with me and a SLT member. Its getting sorted. It surged yesterday though. He called me all kinds of stuff on kik! And I retorted. With profanity. I couldn’t sleep last night. I found it hard. Everything was swirling in
My head.